Why Are Guests in Love with Shaantam?

Pampering and relaxing for some time and snatching those moments of peace and life is sheer bliss. This is one of the pristine reasons people seek vacations away from the hectic and monotonous life. While one plans to relax and rejuvenate oneself, going to a city filled with charming nature, upright mountains, and flowers that add a sweet fragrance to the breeze is the best.

Rishikesh is a perfect tourist destination adorned with breathtaking sights and beautiful resorts to relax. Filled with all the amenities and offering multiple complementary services, Shaantam Resorts And Spas is one of the most acceptable alternatives to book and relax.

Few Words About Shaantam Resorts And Spas

A beautiful resort located at just 12 kilometres from the Lakshman Jhula, Shaantam Resorts and Spas is located inside National Highway58 on the Khairkhal Neelkanth Road Pauri Garhwal, Rishikesh. One of the pristine locations at the foot of the Himalayas and surrounded by lush green forest, this resort is a beautiful retreat centre to reboot oneself.

With the fantastic stay experience and the mouth-watering delicacies served at Shaantam, the stay here is sheer pure bliss. With the opportunity to take up activities like yoga, meditation, a relaxing day at the pool, and self-rejuvenation at Spa, one can fruitfully and beautifully spend the day here.

Why is Shaantam a Preferred Stay?

Are you confused about booking your stay at Shaantam? There are numerous resorts and hotels in Rishikesh that offer quite a fair amount of facilities. But Shaantam Resorts And Spas hold a special place on the list. With the array of facilities and services it provides, staying at Shaantam is one of the most relaxing and beautiful experiences.

The reasons why the guests love this resort are the ones below:

  • The resort is one with the finest luxurious resorts, well-equipped with amenities, and quality complimentary services.
  • This is an excellent place located in the dense wood away from the city’s hectic life and offers immense pleasure.
  • The place focuses on cleanliness and sanitizing a lot. All the surfaces right from rooms to common areas are timely and appropriately sanitized to avoid building up harmful germs.
  • No need to worry about internet connectivity. With the Wi-Fi facility surfing the net or watching your favorite movie online is hassle-free.
  • The interior is soothing, but the exterior pool and green area are just amazing. Participating in yoga and mindful meditation is undoubtedly going to boost you. 
  • Located in the lap of nature, the birds’ chirping sound and the fragrance of beautiful flowers in the air will make up your day.
  • With the cooperative staff and their excellent services, staying at Shaantam is stress-free.
  • Decorated with comfy sitting and beautiful outdoor, the dining area is peaceful. With the lip-smacking and delicious pure vegetarian food, the delicacies to try here are uncanny.

The Bottom Line

Shaantam, a beautiful and charming resort in the lap of nature, with the Himalayas smiling at it and the breathtaking views from the window, adorned with gourmet food and highly skilled staff, staying is no less than a dream. With numerous activities to take up throughout the day, the resort will offer holistic wellness of mind and soul. Away from the city, blessed by Lord Shiva, the resort is a luxurious place that explores the calmness and tranquillity at its best.

Book your stay at Shaantam Resorts and Spas to experience the unbelievable peace and feel the love for the beautiful place.