In the Year 2011, I and my Partner, came across the Land on which Shaantam Stands Magnificently Today.

The Land used to be a complete hill with shrubs and weeds all around. But, there was something which called to me that Yes, this is the place which we were looking for.

We Started construction on what now is considered one of the best resort hotels in rishikesh. It took us 5 years and tremendous work to complete the project. All this while, we used to visit top hotels in rishikesh as well as the world to know the best practices of hospitality so that we can educate ourselves about the industry.

In 2017, Shaantam became operational and ready to welcome it’s guests with open arms. Since then, It is always a moment filled with pride when our guests tell us about how much they loved their stay at Shaantam. We have always tried to instill a feeling of Love and Devotion in our Staff members and they have never let us down.

I envision Shaantam as a Flag Bearer of the warm indian hospitality and as a brand that advocates the power of Honesty and Devotion in all its doings.