We, at Shaantam, are devoted towards creating strong and everlasting relationships with our guests by providing highly personalized services, in an informally elegant environment, creating unique, peaceful and memorable experiences.


To be among the best places on Earth and create tranquil experiences by doing small things in the right way. We believe in ‘Luxurious Simplicity’, and have a keen desire to become a destination of choice for our discerning guests; and to be an epitome of warm Indian hospitality.

Shaantam Dream

It was a dream come true for the founding partners of Shaantam. It seemed like the picture-perfect place to de-stress and stay for a few days, away from the hectic stressful life all of us were leading in Metro cities. This Himalayan stay with nothing but nature all around seemed like the ideal summer home and beckoned us time and again. It was a home that offered peace and soul rejuvenation.

Soon the idea to re-design the place and open it up for everyone was born, as we wanted to share the soul stirring peace we felt there with likeminded people. This is how Shaantam was conceptualized. It is the name given by visionary friends to their brain child.

Shaantam is not a Resort. The goal of opening this place to the public is for inner peace - Shaantam- peace of body, mind and soul.

The dream is to share the feeling of calmness we felt at this place with everyone. The cacophony of cities does not let us listen to our own soul. And to be really happy and be at peace it is very important to be at harmony within.

Another vital aspect that we dealt with is the cuisine - ancient Indian sages believed that what we eat makes what we are. And that is why it's very important to stay away from non-veg food to gain peace. At Shaantam, we have adapted the concept of traditional purifying vegetarian food that keeps the body and mind calm.

Shaantam is our dream to bring back serenity within all of you, a best luxury resort where you can let go completely and infuse your mind with blissful and positive thoughts.