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Imagine real harmony. Take a break from the hectic daily schedule and indulge in inner peace. Everyone needs some time and space to get away from all the frenzied activity of day to day life to reconnect and reflect.

At Shannatam we offer you “Silence”. Dive deep and experience lasting calmness, tranquility and get immersed in total relaxation. Our Meditation retreat in Rishikesh will bring you all this and more. We offer mediation courses for newcomers as well as for people who have already experienced the bliss of meditation and want to explore the path in depth. There is no age limit; all are welcome to join our retreats.

Mediation is the highest state of soul. It cannot really taught, you need to practice and master it yourself. All a teacher can do is to guide you and help you to learn the process of concentration, relaxation and breathing. Our meditation teachers help you to explore the meditation techniques, practices, and take you on a journey of self-discovery. In ancient India meditation and yoga were a way of life. These processes were taught to everyone wishing to purify their mind and body to attain higher goals in life. Meditation helps you to connect with you inner self and recognize your true potential; it makes you completely aware of your surroundings and offers immense sense of peace and tranquility.

Come and immerse yourself to an authentic practice and experience of meditation at our meditation ashram in Rishikesh. Feel at peace amid the lush green Himalayan foothills surrounded by natural forests and silence. You will learn an ancient Hindu way of meditation. It is a simple, hands-on and systematic process of calming the senses, breathing and diving deep within oneself to experience your real inner self.