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Rishikesh: The Perfect Spot For a Pre-Wedding Shoot

Rishikesh, the yoga capital of the world, is one of the finest destinations to visit. With the surreal natural beauty and various unique places to explore, the city is jewelled with beautiful nature and is a perfect destination for a pre-wedding shoot. 

A pre-wedding shoot is a trend that is increasing at an incredible pace among couples, and a location as beautiful as Rishikesh will surely add spark to the lovely photographs. The idea of expressing the undying love in front of the camera to your better half and capturing precious moments for eternity, pre-wedding shoots are just perfect in Rishikesh. Book your Pre-Wedding shoot at Shaantam Resorts in Rishikesh.

7 Best Spots in Rishikesh for Pre-Wedding Shoot in 2022

With the breathtaking view of nature and the scenic beauty, the landscape of Rishikesh is astounding. Setting up a benchmark due to its surreal beauty, Rishikesh has climbed to the top of the pre-wedding shoot list. In this blog, we mention some of the best spots in Rishikesh for a pre-wedding shoot to click the best and most memorable memories.

1. Lakshman Jhula

The hanging bridge over the river Ganga is a perfect example of beautiful architecture, and the brilliance is just uncanny. With the mystic scene behind, the pre-wedding shoot here will offer you a strong feeling for the rest of your life.

2. Neer Gaddu Waterfalls

The Jade Blue Neer Garh Waterfalls, popularly known as Neer Gaddu Waterfalls, is one with lush-green nature around and uncountable beautiful butterflies fluttering on wildflowers create a real fairyland scene, perfect for a pre-wedding shoot.

3. Kaudiyala

Rafting in the cold water of the Ganges in Rishikesh is not only fun but also an enthralling experience. With the opportunity of camping, rafting, and trekking the beautiful trails while enjoying the photoshoot, the excitement of the journey would be high.

4. Ram Jhula

The architectural marvel with a beautiful scenic view connecting the river Ganga banks with the Swarg Ashram and Shivananda is the ideal place for the best and most professional pre-wedding shoot.

5. Neem Beach

Another beautiful spot for rafting is a dream place for adventure. The best site for the never-ending passion and one to feel the romance as emotion, this is an affordable and quality place for an ordeal photoshoot.

6. Rishikund

Located near Triveni Ghat, this is an antiquated lake with beautiful stairs and the impressive Raghunath Mandir; it is an uncanny place to visit. The shoot on the stairs of the ghat is just beautiful.

7. The Beatles Ashram

The place is one with an awe-striking view, it is a fantastic background for the pre-wedding photoshoot. The graffiti adorned walls will make the shoot even more mesmerizing. 

To Wind Up!

A pre wedding shoot at Rishikesh is the finest and best idea. Known for the vibrant culture and beautiful colours of nature, the city is one with the most mast and welcoming people. Rishikesh is marked as one of the safest cities for travellers making it even more desirable. The city, renowned as the centre for meditation and yoga, is the perfect destination for a pre-wedding shoot.

With the bounty of nature and the perfect climate in the winters, the city covers itself with pink and blue hues, adding a dreamy effect to your pre-wedding shoot. Celebrating the love in nature’s lap and the perfect place to disclose the love to your better half, Rishikesh is the city offering the best scenic views.