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Why Choose Rishikesh as Your Honeymoon Destination?

With a beautiful and pleasant climate with pristine nature and a soothing location. Rishikesh is a heavenly and romantic honeymoon destination. Primarily famous for its religious sites. The city is located in the Himalayas’ foothills. This is one picturesque location beaded with beautiful landscapes, mountains, and the sparkly white river Ganga.

A pristine location with a fantastic climate and warm, friendly people. Rishikesh is the first place that strikes the minds of newlywed couples looking for a location. That is a perfect blend of beauty and adventure, accompanied by an array of romantic sites. Book your Stay at the best Resorts Rishikesh and make your honeymoon interesting and unforgettable.

6 Secrets Reasons to Choose Rishikesh for Honeymoo destination

With the beautiful sight of nature and the romantic experience. Rishikesh is the uncanny place to spend a loving and delightful time with your better half. Still, if you are looking for the reasons why to choose Rishikesh as your honeymoon destination, then the six primary reasons are mentioned below:

Bucket loads of romance

Unlike the romantic Bollywood movie, Rishikesh is one city that offers impressive romantic getaways. Located in the lap of nature and at the Himalayas’ foothills, the town is one of the most beautiful and romantic destinations. With the serene view of the river water gushing through. With the dreamy view of sunset and sunrise, the city is loaded with romantic moments.

Amazing accommodation facilities

The tailor-made plans offer the choice to the couples to book their stay as per their preference. Intending to stay beside the river Ganga at the campsites and enjoy the romantic nights beneath millions of stars. Rishikesh’s stay options are not only pleasant and luxurious but also highly romantic.

Sparkling water and beaches

Located on the river Ganga bank, the sparkling white water of the river adds to the beauty of the city. With the river gushing through and the serene white sand beaches, the city offers a perfect and lovable evening. With the beautiful beach in the town and the chance to experience water sports. The town is the finest to spend quality time.


Not all wish to have a calm and relaxing honeymoon. Still, a few urges to explore new places, participate in an exceptional variety of adventures, and grab the best time of life. Rishikesh is a beautiful city and home to participate in adrenaline rush activities. Like river rafting, skiing, ziplining, hiking, camping, and various others.

Ultimate relaxation

Planning a wedding is not only stressful but a long process. Needless to say, the honeymoon is the period to release a bit of stress and jump into an entirely new phase of life. Rishikesh is one uncanny place as it is a city prosperously known for meditation and yoga. With various yoga retreats and spas, one can entirely have a relaxing and rejuvenating time after the big day.

Totally affordable

The one thing about planning a honeymoon is that you do not want to worry about the budget. Well, Rishikesh is completely an affordable city. ith all kinds of accommodation facilities, tourist spots, romantic getaways, and unique places to explore.

In a Nutshell

Rishikesh is one city that is perfectly jewelled with beautiful sights and a fantastic honeymoon destination. With the ease of reach, affordability, and beauty surrounding, the town is one of the prime choices for a honeymoon destination. Wrapped in magnificent nature, Rishikesh is a perfect romantic setting for an unforgettable honeymoon.