Rishikesh is an attractive tourist spot and has been attracting tourists for ages now. Rishikesh gives everything that a traveler would look forward to when it comes to a vacation. It has a mesmerizing scenic terrain and a religious essence, making it one of the most famous and loved tourist places. 

Rishikesh in Uttarakhand not only attracts one type of audience but is a love for all, may it be teens for all the adventurous activities it has to mid-age people where they could get a peace-full holiday between the mountainous scenery and the serene beauty and to the older people where they would get the religious holy temples. We live in India, which is a complete mixture of culture, emotions, and traditions. Hence, it is supposed to be a place that fulfills all your desires and makes it a cherish-able memory lane when it comes to vacation being planned. 

How To Reach Rishikesh?

You can reach Rishikesh by all three transport modes, which are by Air, Train, and road. By Train the nearest station would be – Yog Nagri Rishikesh station; By Air, the nearest airport would be in Dehradun—Jolly Grant Airport; whereas it would be recommended that if are traveling by Air, you could take a flight to Delhi and then travel by road to Rishikesh which will give some fantastic stop-by places where you could take halts for some pictures of the magnetic beauty of the site or some snacks on the way.

 Hotels And Resorts In Rishikesh

There are some best and luxurious resorts and hotels in Rishikesh, which will make your stay a bliss. The hotels in Rishikesh are different from any other place, and the reason for that is the heavenly sight you would visualize here in Rishikesh. There are resorts in Rishikesh where you might get a view of mornings or evenings. Still, being in Rishikesh, you can make the most of it, starting from the beautiful sunrise between the Himalayan ranges for a fresh start, the flowing water of the river Ganga in the afternoon’s to give a breezy nostalgia experience, the setting sun in the evenings and the blooming night lights.

What All Things to Consider Before Booking Hotels and Resorts in Rishikesh?

  1. Near to the Market – Since we know very well Rishikesh is a mountainous place, the nights are a little silent. If traveling alone or with family, it would be a wiser choice to choose a location near the market so that if anything needed at the 11th hour would be easily accessible. May it be from food to a pharmacist. Also not forgetting the swift availability of the transport in case you don’t have one of yours there. Being in the center of the celestial city, you would be closer to the tourist attractions as well so that you don’t get exhausted only in traveling from reaching one point to another. Ensure you are pretty aware of the route map, so you know where to travel from and to.
  2. Good Establishment – Resorts and Hotels in Rishikesh should be an excellent establishment to give you and your family an unforgettable stay with lavish facilities. So that, when you are back from sightseeing the resort itself, could make you feel relaxed. Some great resorts in Rishikesh are either situated on the foothills of the Himalayas or the banks of river Ganga so that it provides you a riverside view where you can indulge yourself in a soothing SPA, Yoga, and meditation sessions by the river.
  3. Room Facilities, Hygiene, and Safety – First and foremost, the thing going on these days is the Hygiene and safety due to the pandemic around the world; hence we as a tourist would initially look into the hygiene of any hotel or resort whether it’s appropriately sanitized and cleaned after the other tourist checkouts. Though it’s every hotel’s policy to maintain Hygiene, it is advised to go through these points before checking In. It would also be better to inquire about the stay details as in How many people they would accommodate in one room if you are traveling with family or if the room is couple friendly or not. Apart from this, the room service and Wi-Fi connectivity would play a significant role in your stay at any resorts or hotels in Rishikesh.
  4. In-House Restaurant – This is one of the top criteria to keep in mind. However, hotels these days have their restaurants but it’s better to be aware of it beforehand will keep you stress-free, because let’s say you return late at night, and hungry, since markets close early and end moment no availability of food would ruin your trip hence it would be better to check that initially.
  5. Connectivity – This cannot be ignored since it’s the essential part of any trip. Even if you travel by Air, Train, or road you need quick connectivity from there so that there is no end moment rush when you have left on the last of your trip or let’s say to receive someone joining in your journey. With this, you can ask your hotel or resort in Rishikesh if they could provide a cab or shuttle service from the hotel to the airport or subway, or station.
  6. Budget-friendly – May it be any place in or outside the country, every tourist place has its A-class hotels, mid-range hotels, and Lodges where you can stay for some hours. Depending on your budget, you can choose from hotels and resorts varying from 5 stars to 3 stars, and all of them would surely provide you with good mandatory facilities like laundry and extended hours to check In or check out.
  7. Cancellation Facility – This is the ignored part of the trip, But a quick suggestion would be to drop a view on this because of the possibility that, let’s say there could be changes in your plan due to some emergency and in that case, if you have already booked the hotel or resort online, that won’t be canceled end minute so to save yourself from the loss it’s better to check in advance about the Hotel Cancellation Policy.

Rishikesh is that one place where if you visit it once, you won’t be able to stop yourself from making plans again to visit Rishikesh. “It has something for everyone in the box”. Considering the aforementioned ideas, you can plan your trip accordingly.