Shaantam Resorts as Your Perfect Destination Wedding Spot

Are you in the quest for a destination wedding spot filled with beautiful scenic beauty and an unforgettable romantic climate? Quench your thirst right here!

A place that will offer you the best wedding experience and will fill your hearts with love and joy. Shaatam Resorts (Rishikesh) is amazingly perfect. The ubiquitous, charming company of religious chants and the never-dying fragrance of flowers from the valley of Himalaya in its breeze make Rishikesh a lovely wedding spot.

Shaantam Resorts And Spa : The Perfect Destination Wedding Spot

A resort filled with all the amenities located just 12 kilometres from Lakshman Jhula. Shaantam Resorts and Spa offers the best stay facility. Surrounded by the lush green area, accompanied by a beautiful pool and spas. This place is a relaxing and uncanny destination to book your wedding.

With the unique stay experience, the finest dining delicacies, pristine concern for hygiene, and the calm environment surrounding, This best resort in Rishikesh will leave you and all your guests filled with the eternal memories of ‘The’ auspicious day of your life.

Why Shaantam Resorts is a Perfect Destination Wedding Spot?

Confused between destination wedding or home wedding? If you are a bit indecisive or confused about where you should tie. Your eternal knot of love, then there are several reasons why Shaantam Resorts are the perfect destination wedding spot. The incredible array of benefits that Shaantam offer include:

Divine Location and Facilities

Shaantam is a luxury spa and resort. With rooms ranging from luxury cottages to family rooms and various spas to rejuvenate your soul and body. Shaantam is a perfect resort that balances life. With the Yoga and meditation session in the mesmeric beauty of meditative mountains. With peaceful blue skies and an angelic atmosphere, you can easily relax and rewind yourself from marriage preparations.


Planning a wedding is a hefty task. While it involves a sizable amount of cost in booking and all the arrangements. We at Shaantam offer you the best and most luxurious facilities that will cover all the necessary facilities required for planning a beautiful romantic destination wedding.

Comparatively, Stress-Free

How to decide a menu, which is the best flower decoration, how to manage guests, which room belongs to who? And a long list of all such questions will stress you. Relax with our experienced staff; all the hassle would be handled at best. With detailed planning, we assure to serve all your guests to the best.

Making It Memorable

Marriage is an auspicious day that happens once in life. A day that will be remembered till eternity, and so it has to be remarkable. The destination wedding at Shaantam will be a unique and unforgettable experience with all the exotic facilities and romantic getaway. Additionally, with beautiful locations, capture the moments jewelled with ornamental nature forever.


A fantastic resort in the lap of nature, with the Himalayas, breathtaking views, gourmet food. Option to customize, and highly skilled staff. We offer a wedding plan that will not only amaze you but will fill all your dreams of a fantastic marriage. With the opportunity to take a break from the wedding planning and rejuvenate yourself. Shaantam resorts offer the best in class services and facilities for a wedding. 

Book your Destination Wedding at Shaantam Resorts and Spa and turn your dream marriage into reality.