Most Interesting Facts About Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand, popularly known as the Land of the Gods, is one of the most beautiful states in India. The scenery and nature here play a trick on the mind, making you believe that you are in a different world. The place is also home to several interesting and unexplored shrines, temples, and forts, making it an adventurer’s paradise. But the scenery and architecture are not the only reasons to visit Uttarakhand. There are other factors also which attract tourists all around the world to visit this state. If you are going to explore Rishikesh then book your stay at the best resorts in Rishikesh, so that you can get all the services under a single roof.’


Facts About Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is the 27th state of India

The highest peak that entirely lies in India is Nanda Devi. This is another fact about Uttarakhand

The state is home to two of the most sacred rivers in Hinduism – the Ganges and the Yamuna. The origin of the Ganges is the holy mountain Gangotri, while the origin of the Yamuna is the holy lake Yamunotri. The two rivers originate from different parts of the state.

Jim Corbett National Park of Nainital district is the oldest national park in India which was established in 1936 for the protection of the Royal Bengal Tiger. The park is situated at the foothills of the Himalayas in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand.

The Valley of flowers in Uttarakhand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. The valley, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located in the Garhwal region in the state and is famous for its thousands of varieties of flowers, medicinal plants, and more.

The first Agriculture University of India “Govind Ballabh Pant University” which paved the way for the Green Revolution of India was established in 1960 in Pantnagar. Its original name was Uttar Pradesh Agricultural University. It was renamed after Pant in 1997 in memory of Ballabh Pant, one of the most celebrated farmers of India.

Uttarakhand, popularly known as Devbhumi, is a land of natural beauty, spiritual greatness, and rich cultural heritage. This beautiful state is located in the northern region of India. The name Uttarakhand is derived from the Sanskrit words ‘Uttara’ which means northern, and ‘Khand’ which means region.

One of the holiest shrines of the Hindu religion, the Kedarnath temple is a revered temple as per Hindu beliefs. It is revered as one of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. The temple is also considered to be one of the holiest pilgrimage destinations for Hindus. The temple is in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand.

The only state in India which has Sanskrit as its official language is Uttarakhand. This is another important facts about Uttarakhand.

79.6% is the literacy rate of Uttarakhand which is higher than the national average which is 74.04%. According to the 2011 census, Uttarakhand is the 11th most literate state in India.

Famous persons that are related to Uttarakhand are Govind Vallabh Pant, Tom Alter, Himani Shivpuri, Abhinav Bindra, Bachendri Pal, Major Som Nath Sharma, Gabbar Singh Negi, Sumitra Nandan Pant, Narendra Singh Negi.

Uttarakhand is home to the white lotus which is also the state flower. It is famous for the medicinal values that it holds. And mythologically. Its importance is that it is the same flower that Lord Brahma has in his hands.

Lakshman jhoola is famous as it is said that the bridge is constructed on the place where lord Lakshman crossed the Ganga river with the help of jute ropes.

The Bharat Mata Mandir in haridwar. It is a temple with many storeys and each storey is devoted to a different group of people who have contributed to India’s History.

Tehri Dam is the tallest dam that can irrigate 270,000 hectares of land and can supply 270 gallons of water that we can drink daily.

The Champawat tiger, which has taken 436 human lives, holds the Guinness world record for the maximum number of deaths by a tiger.

Mana Village which is in Chamoli is the last Indian village that is just 24km away from the Sino- Indian international border.

Hemkund sahib is one of the most revered shrines of the state and is particularly known for the annual Hemkund Sahib Fair, which is a major festival and congregation of the Sikh community in Uttarakhand. The shrine is also home to the only Sikh temple in the state, which has a rich history and plays a major role in the religious, social, and political life of the state.

Final Word

So these are the most interesting facts about Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand is a land of breathtaking beauty, rich culture, and vibrant tradition. The state is blessed with an unending list of tourist destinations, a diverse landscape, and an array of culture, heritage, and adventure.