The holistic series of stretches, movements and poses that developed over the centuries in India, Yoga is an offshoot of Vedic meditation practices. While initially conceived as a means of Hindu religious ritual, largely focusing the practitioner’s mind to better focus themselves on inner and outer mysteries, it has long been attested to have numerous benefits on a more physical level as well.

Many stories have floated around for as long as it’s been practised about how yoga practitioners enjoy great health and mental wellbeing.

This isn’t just anecdotal anymore either. Studies into yoga have shown that practitioners do enjoy numerous benefits, some of which may be especially useful to older people.

Whether or not you can achieve any spiritual breakthroughs with yoga, it has been noted to provide other advantages such as:

Improved mobility – Unlike more strenuous activities like running or cycling, yoga encourages movement in a gentle manner. This not only reduces the chances of injury but can help manage other joint issues such as arthritis. In some cases, you can see an increase in mobility up to 34