Which is the best Wellness Retreat Resort in Rishikesh?

Rishikesh is the Yoga Capital of the World. However, besides being famous for Yoga and Meditation, Rishikesh also has many beautiful Wellness Retreat Resorts.

The resorts in Rishikesh have the best facilities with peaceful and positive vibes, just like the city. People worldwide love visiting this place and accommodating themselves at the Shaantam Resort, as it is the best place to stay in Rishikesh.

You must be wondering, what is so special about Shaantam Resort? The answer to your question is present throughout the blog. In the end, you may want to visit this place and Rishikesh to experience the city’s goodness and the resort.

Here are a few things that you will love in Shaantam resort,

Yogic Vibes

  • The yoga capital of the world sure has yogic vibes in the city.
  • However, the resort also has peaceful and meditative yogic vibes.
  • The resort is famous for hosting Yoga Retreat programs for its guests.
  • Hence, they maintain calm and purifying vibes inside the resort.
  • The Yoga Retreat Program of the resort is life-changing for many guests.
  • The retreat program focuses on teaching different yoga asanas, pranayama, meditation, yoga philosophy, and healing people by cleansing aura.
  • The resort is surrounded by nature and has an elegant ambiance that is both peaceful and resonates with yogic vibes.

Peaceful Aura

  • Aura or Vibes of a person, place, or thing can never misguide you.
  • When you visit a place, you do not connect with the place. As soon as you leave the place, you start feeling good from within.
  • What do you think is wrong? Is it you or the place? In reality, it is the connection between the place and you. It is known as Aura.
  • The luxury resort in Rishikesh, Shaantam Resort, is popular for its peaceful and tranquil aura.
  • People visiting and staying in this resort love the vibe of this place and try to spend some time inside the resort, apart from exploring Rishikesh.
  • The calmness of the resort is intoxicating and attractive to most people.
  • Hence, most people visiting Rishikesh choose Shaantam Resort.

Scenic Beauty

  • Rishikesh and scenic beauty go hand-in-hand. The same is true for Shaantam Resort.
  • The resort’s location is incredible as guests can enjoy the beautiful view of the Himalayas and River Ganges flowing at the foot of the mountain range.
  • Rishikesh is a popular tourist destination with people from around the world. Hence, the city has numerous hotels and resorts.
  • But, the scenic view from the Shaantam Resort is mind-blowing and unmatched by any other similar facility.
  • Imagine the experience of waking up to the view of the beautiful Himalayas and the holy river Ganga. Isn’t it beautiful? Of Course, it is.
  • Hence, if you’re visiting Rishikesh, you must never miss your stay at the Shaantam Resort.

Incredible Hospitality

  • Shaantam resort in Rishikesh provides five-star facilities to their guests along with the most heart-warming hospitality.
  • Hospitality businesses today fail to be hospitable to their guests.
  • However, Shaantam Resorts have well-trained staff who are welcoming and kind to their guests.
  • The ground staff, receptionists, managers, etc., all have a soothing personalities, and they love to help their guests.
  • The resort personnel ensures always keeping their guests comfortable, which is the best part of their hospitality.
  • Hence, the people visiting Rishikesh always choose Shaantam Resorts for their accommodation.
  • World-Class Facilities
  • Shaantam resort provides top-class facilities to their guests.
  • The guests are offered a private balcony with a swing, chairs, and a coffee table to enjoy warm beverages.
  • The guests can also enjoy luxurious bathrooms with a bathtub, shower, and toiletries.
  • The guest rooms are loaded with LCD TVs, Tea and coffee makers, electronic safes, wardrobes, bars, yoga mats, and umbrellas.
  • The resort also provides Wifi services to their guests along with room service, laundry service, and first aid kits if required.
  • It is an all-in-one resort with world-class facilities for the guests.

Multiple Accommodation Options

  • Usually, any hotel in Rishikesh has one or two accommodation options for its guests.
  • Shaantam Resorts have kept the comfort of their guests in mind and provide them with six accommodation options.
  • The variety in the type of accommodation helps the guests choose their room type as per their comfort and requirements.
  • The best part of this facility is that all the rooms are well-equipped with major facilities and services.
  • The different accommodation options in Shaantam Resorts are:
    • Luxury Cottage.
    • Premium Cottage.
    • Premium Room.
    • Deluxe Room.
    • Family Room.
    • Deluxe Non-Balcony.


With so many options for resorts and hotels today, people get confused when making a choice. However, if you are visiting Rishikesh, you don’t have to choose as the best one is always the luxury hotel in Rishikesh, Shaantam Resort.

This five-star service and facilities are incredible and make the guests love the resort. Everything about the resort can be given a top rating as they treat their guests no less than their own family. The food, parking, hospitality, food, yoga, meditation, vibe, beauty, rooms, and facilities can easily lure anyone to extend their stay or visit again without fail.
Shaantam resort has the same aura as the city of Rishikesh; hence their combination is an overload of positivity for the guests.